Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Amature Photoshop+ing

Less than 30 minutes to turn my self into an Avatar cast. What a joke. Thanks Photoshop.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Haywire - Movie Review

Haywire. I was quite bored and sleepy at the first ten minutes of the film, but a wave of shock just passed all over me when the action started, and the quality of the stunts by Gina Carano - the main actress, stole my attention. Not exactly an impressive intro, but it gets better from time to time.

The flow of the story can be confusing at times, as the scenes will be transferred to another time frame right before you know it. There was an aggressive flash-back styling happened to be in the film that just got me dizzy a bit, and fortunately, the plot seemed to match and compliment each other by the last quarter.

Scenery and cinematography used were really outstanding, where many spectacular backgrounds taken into the film, make gorgeous outfits worn by the main character even better. She (played as Mallory Kane) was really into her acting, and every fight scenes were actually just stunningly done. Beautiful (even with bare skin), tough, and talented. That was what she deserves to be described as.

However, the story seems to have less strength in the details of the flow. A lot of improvements in terms of script writing could be done, and some scenes that were not supposed to be there, should just be cut off the timeline.

To wrap it up, it was a great movie, and if you do not want to watch it, I would understand that, but as for me, I want to watch it again for the second time, just not sure of the third time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Price of Being Healthy

I was having dinner at a fast food restaurant today. I am currently under a special diet and I avoid those unhealthy food. However since it was my labor day and I was too tired to cook, plus all local restaurants are packed with people then what the heck. I had no other choice.

Taking fast food does not mean you can go all unhealthy. At least I chose the least unhealthy food sold there and I switch my carbonated drink to orange juice which cost me EXTRA RM1.40 JUST TO UPGRADE FROM UNHEALTHY DRINK TO A HEALTHY ONE! Well, I paid my due. That was the price of being healthy and so be it. I ate a plate consisted of rice, fried chicken and coleslaw ( I bet you can easily guess which fast food restaurant I was having dinner at ).

I felt terrible of breaking my diet. However, I have my Limmina Plus Homeopathic detoxification products from D'Navechee to get those toxins I just consumed out of my system. I just have to increase the dosage since its homeopathy style of therapy gives out no side effects even when taken more than prescribed at the packaging, but this is highly not recommended! I did it because I have this great confidence over the product.

P/S : Now the toilet is going the place where I'll visit the most since I need to excrete those toxins (for the increased detox dosage I consumed)

Monday, January 30, 2012

My First Car



The first photo was taken with its original owner - my sister when it was still hers. The second one was when got it from her, after she decided to upgrade for a better car and let me take over the hire-purchase payment. I did some little significant make-overs to it that improved its look. I waxed it, got it a new sets of bigger and prettier shiny gunmetal colored rims, a little touch on its outer body, new sporty smaller steering (third photo), leather hand rest, new tint for those window glasses, took it to a mechanic for ECU remapping and engine tuning for better performance, cover up those scratches, repair its damaged door (that was my sis's doings) and few other things.

I was enjoying this better look of its for only few months. One day I was back home with all my beloved siblings for Eid, and that was the first time they have ever seen the car's new look. My eldest brother was totally overwhelmed. His wife loved it and they were pushing me to get a new car and let them have it. It was not that easy however. I told them to help me with the deposit to get a new car, and they considered it as a good deal. Well the deposit I mentioned was not much as compared to what I have spent for that Orange Road Monster!

Less that two weeks after that, (shazamm!!!!) there goes my new Saga FLX 1.3 that I called Si Putih (my previous post). Now that I am driving a totally different and better car in many ways, yet I still miss this Orange car that was once mine. To my Jack A** (because the plate nuber starts with JKS), I miss you so much!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Read Your Tyre's Basic Specs Peeps!

Usually when changing new tyres or rims for our car, we just let our mechanics do the selecting jobs for best tyre size should be installed on our wheels. Why not today, we take part? Basic specs of tyre sizes are actually easy and anyone could do this thing with one eye closed. It might only be a little info about it, but who knows if it can save you from fraud one day?

Just Like the photo, there are three different criteria the we should normally know as a basic general knowledge. However, I have been asking around and most of my friends and families, (especially ladies) have actually no idea about these three simple things. Of course we can always refer back to our car's manuals for the right tyre size, but does it hurt to know what those numbers were really meant for? If we look at any tyres, there will be a series of numbers that goes a little like; 185/60R14, 195/55R15 or 205/40R16.

Now, what are these numbers? The first three digits before the sign "/" are actually the width of your tyre. '185' means your tyre's width is 185mm. How wide the car's tyre should be? That could be our new question to our mechanics. Tyre's width depends on the size of the wheels and the car's kerb weight. If we are using tyre size around manufacturer's/most mechanics' recommendation, I think we should be fine.

The next two digits after the "/" sign indicates the thickness of your tyre from the rim to the ground. Most of us would guess that this next two digits such as '60' means 60mm, after reading the last paragraph, am I correct? Well, we are really wrong people! These numbers like 60, 55 or 40 are in fact the tyre's thickness percentage from its width. Let's take 185/60 for instance; the 60 means that your tyre's thickness is 60% of its 185mm width. Huh! You do the math. How interesting is that?

Moving on, the last two numbers with an 'R' on the front specifies your rim's size. This one is simple. R14 means 14 inches of rim diameters, R15 means 15 inches and so on.

"What if we want to change to bigger sized rims?" and "What size of tyres should we use then?" ; these we can ask to our mechanics or our car's manufacturers. On the contrary, we perhaps can do a little research on our own. Just compare our current/stock tyre size to any size with bigger rims on any tyre size calculator online. These kinds of applications may help us knowing what are the differences or effects of using different tyre size. I would recommend one application for you and here it is;

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lovely Bintang

I love cats, (who doesn't) this little cutie on the left was my last cat and his name was Bintang. I was accepted to further my study in to a local University one day, and that day I left home, was the same day that he was gone. Whether he ran away, kidnapped, killed or anything, that I did never find out. He just disappeared and no one in my family have seen him from that day on.

We were close, he used to sleep on my laps, even sometimes beside me in my bed, although we do not spend most of our times together. There were actually two of them born on the same day, but another one - Pelangi, died when she was six months old.

Now, it has been 4 years since I have ever had a cat. Maybe the day will come for me to adopt a new one, and I want him/her to be taken care of very well just like Bintang.

P/S: What type of cat is tame, lovely and easy to care?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Buried Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It might have been very confusing to have looked at this picture comparing to it's title. Some times would be extremely momentous as we do unexpected things in life without planning them, and it turned out to be a memory that lasts for a whole lifetime. This moment of mine, was taken at Air Papan Beach - Mersing. I was buried alive for the first time and at once, I liked it.

I was there with a few friends of mine, hanging out at the beach, living our quality moments together - thinking what our future would be like. Now, all are sorted out and we are now friends from a distant, but this memory of us, I will bury it deep down inside my heart - forever.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

D'NAVECHEE Health Prducts - Writer's Favorite

There are lots of health care and beauty products out there that might possibly be the very solution of your health problems. D'Navechee is one of the product brands you do not want to miss for this. Based on Homeopathy lined beauty and health care products, it is now a phenomenal where there are only about 12 (or so) beauty and health care Franchisor in Malaysia, and D'Navechee is definitely one of them. It offers great quality products from skin care lines / cosmetics to those nutritious health supplements. Here I would only be glad to write about products, and not the marketing or franchise system offers by the company.

The interesting and miraculous thing about the products is that it is all based on Homeopathy therapy. For those who have never heard of the term, I believe that it means something like this; food that you consume which will give you health benefits and supposed to help you with your health problems without any side effects. Homeopathy is just like taking normal daily meals, it does not heal you, but just giving you strength and nutrients for your daily lives towards a better health. Back to the products, although you might experience few unusual things after taking the products, these are not considered as side effects, but merely your body's reactions to the new food you consume, which is what they called 'healing crysis' and these are normally just for a short temporary period. Lined next is the product suggested by me.

First of all, you need to try this detoxification product that is just spectacular and effective to take care of your digestive system - the most important part that ensures you to absorb nutrients from what you consume. It is called Limmina Plus. Its miracles are actually the abilities to cleanse your intestines which in turn, provides you with other health benefits such as excess-weight loss, strengthened immune system and optimum body excretion (treating constipation well). When your digestive system works well, your body will feel a lot healthier and energetic. The advanced herbal formula in this product is best for you to begin with, before start taking any other products as it ensures your body digestive system to function well where any other products you take after it will be more effective.

I am currently trying it for few days now, and the 'healing crysis' I mentioned earlier already hit me just after 6 hours from the first 2 capsules I consumed, where I experienced that I need to go to the toilet a lot to excrete so many times - a heck of a stomach ache. However, it was not that bad like you have taken too many spicy foods where it hurts so much. You will feel the greatness after you excrete all of those toxins out of your body. It has been few days and the aches are actually decreasing and I am starting to feel healthier already, and from what I heard, I do not need to take this product continuously after finishing it - maybe twice a year would be sufficient (even no problems with continuous consuming). Now I just need few more days to complete my detox process and I will be trying another great product from D'Naveche; D'N~HAns which I will be updating about very soon right after I try it.

P/S : It is just RM56 for 70 Capsules - Enough for 1 Month supply.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Underworld : The Awakening - Movie Review

I was not very excited at first as I have never seen the previous Underworld sequels. Not quite sure why, but I was not moved to watch those. A friend of mine asked me to join him to watch this movie with him. As I mentioned earlier, I was not interested, but considering that he's paying then what the heck.

Guest what? I liked it and I even rated it more than that friend of mine I was watching it with - who was a follower of the sequels. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it an 8 as he only certifies 6 for it.

The flow of the story is just great, not very slow to have you asleep in a cinema, and not too fast as you could not catch your breath trying to catch up with the pace. The graphic was real and beautifully laid out. For those who plan to watch it in 3D, please do so. I watched in 2D and it was spectacular and I think would be even better in 3D.

The hero, Micheal did not happen to appear much in the movie. Only Selene and her Hybrid daughter, named 'Subject 2' was on screen through the whole movie. To be shortened, I believe that the movie is about Selene and the rest of other Vampire covens fighting for survival with their new enemy, Mankind. It's us! However, mankind's highest authority is controlled by Lycans - another species which was Vampires' ancient enemy. Now, the Lycans seem to be stronger since they have powers over Mankind. Luckily now it seems that we are not the bad guys! At the end, the fight will continue where Selene and her daughter are looking forward to finding Micheal - the 'father' here; before the Lycans do.

That's enough, if I put everything here, then what's the point of watching the real movie. So get going to watch it while it is still on the cinema for showing, and to watch this is totally a MUST.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My HTC Chacha Priced @ RM695 Nett.

I have been aiming to get an HTC smartphone for few weeks before I decided to buy this little baby of mine - HTC Chacha. Not only that it comes with reasonable price, but it is also equipped with sufficient application and features that satisfies my expectations. The phone is not perfect, just as any other smartphones are, but it is the great cute look that made me fall in love with in on the first place.

My Chacha is white in color (just like my Proton Saga FLX) and silver finishing on to certain parts of the body compliments it's cuteness. When hold on to palm, it feels so solid and compact. It does not look cheap at all.

In USA, it is known as HTC Status. Main features are the ease of facebook-ing and getting connected to friends online through social sites. Supplied with internal GPS antenna, navigation on this device is great - even a little slow, it still can ensures you to reach your destination.

5 Megapixel Auto-focus camera with LED flash on the back captures great pictures on the go at any moment I want, while there is a secondary camera on the front for self-capture or mirror function. Another pros for the 5 MP camera is that it shoots (720x480 pixels) @ 30 fps video. In fact, the main camera enables Geo-tagging and face detection that added functions to it to be an interesting smartphone.

It is an HTC, and of course it comes with HTC Sense. Other than that, Flash Supports allows me to view websites like a real computer without much issues, also to view Youtube videos from it. Running with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, many other applications can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Full Multi-touch screen of 2.6 Inches that displays 480 x 320 pixels is superior when it comes to viewing and zooming any documents or data - although might be too small to some people. As for me, the screen size is just enough considering that I need a real QWERTY keypad, not a virtual one. I have problems with most virtual keyboard for smartphones (exception for big-sized tablet screen) where I always misspell whenever I type something - I have fingers of a beast. So, Chacha's keypad really wins my heart over and it even provides me a little space between each characters which make typing such a pleasure. At the front low of its right side, is a dedicated built-in Facebook button for me to update my status, and even shoot photos or videos before straight away posting it online - all less that a minute with the Chacha!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photographed By Me ---- Only with a D-SLR

P/S: Please leave your comment about these photos. Things to consider - not by a professional, standard D-SLR settings, and I DID NOT even know what a D-S-L-R means back then.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to make easy Banana Savoury - Recipe

Banana savoury is a very authentic dish in Malay culture. Some might consider it a desert, well others will recognize it as a 'tea-time' menu. The banana used here, can be replaced with other things too, like pumpkins and tapioca. However, this one is very typical and for me is the best savoury I have tasted.

The Recipe:

  1. Boil brown sugar with water . *You can adjust the sweetness yourself.
  2. Once sweetness is set, soak few Pandan leaves into the mixture.
  3. Add in the banana. *Cut it into pieces first of course!
  4. Wait for few minutes.
  5. Pour in coconut milk. *Depend on how thick you like it to be.
  6. And enjoy your dish.
Steps in making this gorgeously delicious, soupy, sweet and creamy dish are very simple.where you do not really need to follow a series of sophisticated procedures like certain other traditional Malay meals. However, few points neglected may ruin its originality and good taste.

Some measures for the right banana savoury are:

  • Less is more - on the sugar.
  • The part of waiting - after adding in your bananas: If you use well ripen bananas that are soft, do not wait too long, as it will turn into juice! You are supposed to get to eat the bananas here, not drink them :p.
  • For certain type of hard-textured banana kind, you probably need to boil them with regular water first.
  • You might want to slow down the heat after pouring in the coconut milk. Too hot will get the milk boiled, and the mixture will be oddly formed. (Pecah santan - in Malay)
This is a very simple, unchanged authentic way of making a banana savoury. Some people may have developed these steps for improvement, but as to me this is the originality.

P/S: Not wishing you good luck to try it. It is too easy.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Reasons Why Men Are Weaker Than Women

This is not to side on anyone's but merely to share something that we always forgot when it comes to gender comparison. Men are strong - well at least physically, but what about other aspects? Like emotional reactivity and social stuffs?

Well, some would say men are stronger than women, but if there were reasons why men are weaker than women, these would be just it:

  1. A woman carries a baby in her womb for 9 months before experiencing a life risking challenge of giving birth, but men only know how to get a woman pregnant.
  2. A girl's vulnerability is her virginity (herself), but a man's vulnerability is the woman he loves, not his testicles.
  3. You have seen men fight for honor or glory, but have you seen a woman fight for survival to feed her child? You should, then only you'll know how strong a woman can actually be.
  4. Women cry because they are willing to show feelings, not because they're weak, but men never cry because they never win the battle between their emotions and a traditional enemy called 'ego'.
  5. In Islam, men are allowed to marry up to 4 wives - depending on his affordability*, but not women. In fact, they were the ones who should even share husbands, because they are strong. Can a man share his wife with another man? No he cannot. No man will never be that strong.
So if you guys out there think you're strong, well think again!

Which one is better - Myvi Vs. Saga ?


Well, both of these come with different benefits for different types of people with various wants and needs. The similarity is 1.3 Engine equipped by the manufacturer.


When it comes to this matter, credits have to be given to Saga as its boot and cabin space are really big for a compact car and this is class-leading for its segment. Myvi offers smaller boot capacity that translate the design to be shorter for the ease of parking.


Proton actually did a great job in building cars with great handlings with its feature of "Proton Ride & Handling" that make sure the car responses to your every move with stability on hands and the car will go wherever you point it. On the contrary, Myvi stands for a compact car with fun and user friendly features - not a performance car.

Fuel Consumption

Myvi seems to be a lot lighter than Saga. So, it clearly gives you more savings on fuel usage. Moreover, DVVT technology equipped by its manufacturer - Perodua, has been proven to be positive in fuel efficiency, even when the car is driven aggressively. Meanwhile, Proton is not well known for its fuel efficiency but only average usage, and that is not really bad. To wrap it up, Saga can be a Fuel Eating Monster if you step greedily on your pedal, but seems to be only a little bit higher fuel consuming than Myvi if you drive the right way - and still Myvi is your better fuel saver.

Suggestion :

1 - If you want a spacious compact car with great performance and superior handling - buy a Saga

2- If you want a stylish compact car with just enough space and the right fuel consumption for everybody - buy a Myvi

It's your choice!!!

Dive into the depths of darkness in an elevator

Dive into the depths of darkness in an elevator