Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loving Someone Like Me, An Apologize For You

I might have been hurting you all these times. But those things I did were never meant so. I dont care of what you think of me, what you said about me, or even how much you hate me. All I care about is how much you LOVE me.. You can ask from me anything. I will leave if you want. To RELEASE you for someone who is better that me would be a great sacrifice for me. I don't wanna stick with you because I love you, but I wanna spend the rest of my short life with you because you love me, and you'll only be happy with someone you love. If someone else can make you happier, I will leave.. All because I love you.. And I REALLY want you to be happy. Even if it means the word 'Us' to be ripped apart.. Then it should be enough for me. Because I love you for free.

A Thousand Apologizes For You,
The Love of My Life.
I Love you.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

3 Things I Love About Love

1) It keeps our lives fulled with so many colours, beautiful and not.
2) It gives us rooms for contemplating our future.
3) Westlife:
"A simple line can make you laugh or cry"

Why would i love somebody that sometimes does not love me at all?
: Because I love without expecting anything in return

How can you describe the person you really want to be in love with?
: That person should be in love with me first.

Between a person who you fall for, and a person who falls for you, which one do you prefer to be in love with?
: Of course, that someone who would fall for me.

I answered these questions before i was truly being in a love relationship. However, now, all answers to these questions seems to be different.