Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review : Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows

My housemate and I were watching Sherlock Holmes 2 - A Game of Shadows, and to me it was remarkable. The flow of the story actually enables you to feel all you need to, towards an enjoyable time in a cinema. That includes fun, funny, impressed, confused, amused, bored, scared, interested, can't wait, greedy, and any other possible mixture of experience no one can ever describe.

I was not really in to watching it at first, as I was never a fan, but now I certainly am. It attracted me to watch more and more after each scenes. I actually laughed a lot, and cover my face few times when it turned scary, ( Holmes got hooked by a Giant Fish Hook, hung, and swung there and here for a secret he won't tell ).

At the end of it, Holmes entertained me, and I think he did it to everyone in the cinema too. At least half of us were clapping hands after the funny, unforgettable scene ends, which actually concluded the movie.

It was really worth it. I give 4 Star out of 5.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Back in campus, I was taught on how to play a guitar. Well, maybe not officially, by lecturers or so, but it happened where few seniors of mine are really good guitar players. So I was indirectly getting involved with this eventually.

This was taken by a friend of mine. I was practicing some songs, when he snatched this picture. I did not believe it at first but it turned out so nicely. I am not a good guitar player, but my fingers certainly rock on being a model. LOL.

P/S : Special Thanks to Sponge & Colot

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Facebooking? Really?

One day I was walking through the yard at my campus, on my way to class, there was this guy and his friend, talking to each other while holding each others' smart phones. I was not sure what they were talking about, as they were walking quite far ahead of me. As I walked faster and reached them, well - not to catch them up but merely to not be late to class, I overheard their words:

Guy : Hey what the hell??
Friend : What up?
Guy : Why did you comment my status like that?
Friend : Well, you certainly have no rights to say that about me. It's not fair.
Guy : I was not really updating about you, at least not directly.
Friend : Okay, then wait for my revengeful status update. You watch out man.

Well, that was all I heard as our path diverged after that. Is that the trend of lifestyle a social networking should be seen as? Really? What happen if in the future a mother wrote something on your wall, only to ask you to come down to the dining hall for dinner? And what if your teacher commented on your status update to tell you that there is a homework you should download and forward to others? Is this type of conversation real? I think this is safe to say that soon enough we would not have to even talk to our friends, relatives and colleagues . Really?

I, as responsible citizen, promise to myself and my nation, that I would never let Facebook and other social networking sites ruined my way of having a good conversation with anybody, unless they are not near.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Own Car @ My 20

I am currently working as a Receptionist at local resort with a very average pay cheque. Every month, I noticed that my money is not showing enough of where and what I do spend it for. It just happened that I ended up using all of them, but I have actually nothing to say that I have had the money and I spent it all - if you know what I mean. I have my savings, but that is for the future or emergency. I really felt that I needed to do something with my money. I kept thinking about it for a very long time. It went on for months.

Last Eid, I was back at home together with my siblings - for the fact that it is the first eid we spend without both our parents who died a year before. All of us always have these strong relationship attached to each other, that we really take care one another. So I asked my brother of what if I buy my own car as i need to have something that shows where my money is spent every single month. He was positive towards the idea and when I was back at work, well perhaps few days after seeing my family back at my hometown, I asked my housemate to go with me to find a salesman for me to buy a car. So we impatiently did. Technically I did.

And, Bammmmm!! Less than 2 weeks after that, I got myself a Brand New Saga FLX from Proton - National Car Manufacturer of Malaysia ( photo above ). The car understands me well, give me enough power for my aggressive way of driving, optimum fuel economy and is spacious for my odds and ends. Well now I can say - I am an independent boy, ( not yet 21 to be called a MAN ) who pays for his own car, his own laundry and basic needs.

P/S: What did you have at your age of 20?