Friday, November 5, 2010

Have you ever felt that everything was right?

A weird nice feeling came over me tonight. It's a wonderful, yet rare feeling that not everyone gets to be in its engulfment. When you feel that the sky is so beautifully blue, the birds sings unexpectedly pleasant, the air is too fresh to not to breath in, the ground appeals you to step and walk on it, when you never want to care about what has happened or what's going to, and even a tiny blow of the wind can make you feel very good about yourself, then you'll know. You are actually IN LOVE...

Being in love is sometimes hurtful, but when you really find the extract of a little happiness in it, it outnumbered every hardships, suffering and heartbroken you have ever actually felt for loving somebody.

Since this blog of mine is about loving, I would be really glad to tell my beloved Lover that I LOVE YOU. I simply do. And I hope that in any possibilities or chances that it might happen, you feel the same way too. Which I think I know you do. "You're all I need my love, my valentine".

I love you for loving me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I can tell that I’m in love.

Exam paper passed this morning, after me and my buddies were struggling quite hard for it. Later, on a somber evening, they were all gone. Some were at hometowns, while the rest were going out, loosening up the tense over the exam questions. But all I was doing was staying alone in my room, waiting for a phone call from someone I really want to hear a voice from. Right, waiting. My friends were hanging out, having fun, but not me, not this time. It was not really ‘me’ who I have known. Previous ‘me’ would never stay alone in an empty house. I would have gone out with some friends, seeking fun, draining all the joys I can find in life and finding things to kill the annoying time with. Trust me, it was just a short while ago.

Now I’d rather be spending time alone, waiting for my special one to call me, even when it led me to no where, that my phone was not even ringing. I was laughing at myself, that I look to my phone for so many times, annoyingly often, expecting sounds from it. Who would do that? Every five seconds, I would press a button; that I would be lighted on and there would be a message or missed calls from ‘you know who’. The crazy things I did, I did for so many times in a day. All because you know what.

------Now, if ‘you’ are reading this, you would know how dangerously in love I am with you. I know maybe it’s not even something big to be loved by just merely a regular guy like me. But I am outrageously grateful to love somebody like you.
I’m in love, and ALWAYS will be.------


Love You Sayang.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love My Grandpa...

Long ago, my late grandmother married someone younger than my late father after my grandfather died, and he died before I was born. Meanwhile, my mother’s parents died even long before that. So, the only grandfather that I have ever had was my young step-grandfather. He was about my late father’s age and there used to be times when I used to call him ‘Uncle‘. He had this Chinese look and was a very decent middle-aged man. He was not my grandfather by blood, but what reminds me a lot about him is that he did never treat me like an outsider, although I was only a step-grandson. He pampered me and kissed me a lot when I was little. Sometimes I hate it when my family tells me that he was not my real grandfather, because he was to me.

As time was trying to grow me up, my late grandmother was getting sick and she died about two years ago. I didn’t have the time to be in her funeral, as it was on my final examination week and that I regret the most up until know. I wanted to be with my grandfather, to lend him my shoulder, but I did not. I was really embarrassed by that, as I should have been there for him. I am truly sorry for neglecting you Grandpa.

Tragically, the story about my grandfather stops there. The last time I even met him was way before my grandmother died. Few months ago, my father died. I have lost a man in my life, an important one. Now, I started to realize the fact that I have lost my grandpa too, the only grandfather I have ever known. I don’t even know where he lives now. I still remember what he said to me, “I really love you, and I will never forget you, my grandson.” Yes, that was what he said to me. It is still clear in my mind, every words and how it sounded like. I hope he still remember me, as I miss him a lot. One day, I will look for you grandpa, I want to grasp your hands and tell you how much I love you, because you are my one and only GRANDPA.. I love you and I miss you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loving Someone Like Me, An Apologize For You

I might have been hurting you all these times. But those things I did were never meant so. I dont care of what you think of me, what you said about me, or even how much you hate me. All I care about is how much you LOVE me.. You can ask from me anything. I will leave if you want. To RELEASE you for someone who is better that me would be a great sacrifice for me. I don't wanna stick with you because I love you, but I wanna spend the rest of my short life with you because you love me, and you'll only be happy with someone you love. If someone else can make you happier, I will leave.. All because I love you.. And I REALLY want you to be happy. Even if it means the word 'Us' to be ripped apart.. Then it should be enough for me. Because I love you for free.

A Thousand Apologizes For You,
The Love of My Life.
I Love you.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

3 Things I Love About Love

1) It keeps our lives fulled with so many colours, beautiful and not.
2) It gives us rooms for contemplating our future.
3) Westlife:
"A simple line can make you laugh or cry"

Why would i love somebody that sometimes does not love me at all?
: Because I love without expecting anything in return

How can you describe the person you really want to be in love with?
: That person should be in love with me first.

Between a person who you fall for, and a person who falls for you, which one do you prefer to be in love with?
: Of course, that someone who would fall for me.

I answered these questions before i was truly being in a love relationship. However, now, all answers to these questions seems to be different.