Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love My Grandpa...

Long ago, my late grandmother married someone younger than my late father after my grandfather died, and he died before I was born. Meanwhile, my mother’s parents died even long before that. So, the only grandfather that I have ever had was my young step-grandfather. He was about my late father’s age and there used to be times when I used to call him ‘Uncle‘. He had this Chinese look and was a very decent middle-aged man. He was not my grandfather by blood, but what reminds me a lot about him is that he did never treat me like an outsider, although I was only a step-grandson. He pampered me and kissed me a lot when I was little. Sometimes I hate it when my family tells me that he was not my real grandfather, because he was to me.

As time was trying to grow me up, my late grandmother was getting sick and she died about two years ago. I didn’t have the time to be in her funeral, as it was on my final examination week and that I regret the most up until know. I wanted to be with my grandfather, to lend him my shoulder, but I did not. I was really embarrassed by that, as I should have been there for him. I am truly sorry for neglecting you Grandpa.

Tragically, the story about my grandfather stops there. The last time I even met him was way before my grandmother died. Few months ago, my father died. I have lost a man in my life, an important one. Now, I started to realize the fact that I have lost my grandpa too, the only grandfather I have ever known. I don’t even know where he lives now. I still remember what he said to me, “I really love you, and I will never forget you, my grandson.” Yes, that was what he said to me. It is still clear in my mind, every words and how it sounded like. I hope he still remember me, as I miss him a lot. One day, I will look for you grandpa, I want to grasp your hands and tell you how much I love you, because you are my one and only GRANDPA.. I love you and I miss you.