Sunday, January 22, 2012

D'NAVECHEE Health Prducts - Writer's Favorite

There are lots of health care and beauty products out there that might possibly be the very solution of your health problems. D'Navechee is one of the product brands you do not want to miss for this. Based on Homeopathy lined beauty and health care products, it is now a phenomenal where there are only about 12 (or so) beauty and health care Franchisor in Malaysia, and D'Navechee is definitely one of them. It offers great quality products from skin care lines / cosmetics to those nutritious health supplements. Here I would only be glad to write about products, and not the marketing or franchise system offers by the company.

The interesting and miraculous thing about the products is that it is all based on Homeopathy therapy. For those who have never heard of the term, I believe that it means something like this; food that you consume which will give you health benefits and supposed to help you with your health problems without any side effects. Homeopathy is just like taking normal daily meals, it does not heal you, but just giving you strength and nutrients for your daily lives towards a better health. Back to the products, although you might experience few unusual things after taking the products, these are not considered as side effects, but merely your body's reactions to the new food you consume, which is what they called 'healing crysis' and these are normally just for a short temporary period. Lined next is the product suggested by me.

First of all, you need to try this detoxification product that is just spectacular and effective to take care of your digestive system - the most important part that ensures you to absorb nutrients from what you consume. It is called Limmina Plus. Its miracles are actually the abilities to cleanse your intestines which in turn, provides you with other health benefits such as excess-weight loss, strengthened immune system and optimum body excretion (treating constipation well). When your digestive system works well, your body will feel a lot healthier and energetic. The advanced herbal formula in this product is best for you to begin with, before start taking any other products as it ensures your body digestive system to function well where any other products you take after it will be more effective.

I am currently trying it for few days now, and the 'healing crysis' I mentioned earlier already hit me just after 6 hours from the first 2 capsules I consumed, where I experienced that I need to go to the toilet a lot to excrete so many times - a heck of a stomach ache. However, it was not that bad like you have taken too many spicy foods where it hurts so much. You will feel the greatness after you excrete all of those toxins out of your body. It has been few days and the aches are actually decreasing and I am starting to feel healthier already, and from what I heard, I do not need to take this product continuously after finishing it - maybe twice a year would be sufficient (even no problems with continuous consuming). Now I just need few more days to complete my detox process and I will be trying another great product from D'Naveche; D'N~HAns which I will be updating about very soon right after I try it.

P/S : It is just RM56 for 70 Capsules - Enough for 1 Month supply.

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