Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Price of Being Healthy

I was having dinner at a fast food restaurant today. I am currently under a special diet and I avoid those unhealthy food. However since it was my labor day and I was too tired to cook, plus all local restaurants are packed with people then what the heck. I had no other choice.

Taking fast food does not mean you can go all unhealthy. At least I chose the least unhealthy food sold there and I switch my carbonated drink to orange juice which cost me EXTRA RM1.40 JUST TO UPGRADE FROM UNHEALTHY DRINK TO A HEALTHY ONE! Well, I paid my due. That was the price of being healthy and so be it. I ate a plate consisted of rice, fried chicken and coleslaw ( I bet you can easily guess which fast food restaurant I was having dinner at ).

I felt terrible of breaking my diet. However, I have my Limmina Plus Homeopathic detoxification products from D'Navechee to get those toxins I just consumed out of my system. I just have to increase the dosage since its homeopathy style of therapy gives out no side effects even when taken more than prescribed at the packaging, but this is highly not recommended! I did it because I have this great confidence over the product.

P/S : Now the toilet is going the place where I'll visit the most since I need to excrete those toxins (for the increased detox dosage I consumed)

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